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Thanks to our research and development team, we are able to formulate the most suitable product for each stage of leather processing, always keeping an eye to the future.

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From the preliminary stages to the finishing

We are able to formulate the most suitable product for each stage of leather processing. From the preliminary phases, with its beamhouse auxiliaries, deliming and pickling, up to the tanning, retanning and finishing. By following the whole process.



Joining the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Program confirms our commitment to environmental safety and sustainability in the sector.
ZDHC certification allows us to guarantee that our production processes comply with the strictest standards for the sustainable management of chemicals, thus contributing to a cleaner and safer future for the tanning industry.

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Together we can create the most suitable product for each project: from the automotive sector to fashion, from accessories to shoes, furniture or any other leather product. Fill out the form to request information and advice.

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