Retanning is intended to improve the aesthetics of the skin

It represents the phase in which the use to which it will be destined is decided. With the choice and the combination of the right products we could determine greater or less elasticity, softness and cutability.
Our team of experts offers its advice for finding the most suitable product for your needs.

Most popular products

Organic and inorganic neutralizers
Synthetic neutralizing tannins
Synthetic condensation tannins of di-hydroxydiphenylsulfon
Phenols synthetic mono and double condensation tannins
Anionic acrylic resins
Dicyandiamide resins
Styrolomaleic resins
Melamine resins
Polyvinyl resins
Butyl-acrylic polymers
Greasing polymers
Protein fillers
Organic and inorganic veins
Barrel pigments
Vegetable synthetic tannins